The Link Between the Odds of Roulette and Space Exploration

  • Tuesday, Oct 5, 2021

How Can a Bet on Space be Related to Roulette?

With the recent developments of space travel coming to a head between Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin and Elon Musk’s company SpaceX, their chances of making it to Mars, and exactly when they will make it, is a hotly contested topic. Everyone seems to want to get a piece of the space action, with DraftKings even releasing a new exclusive rocket launch game.

NASA Photo of outer space

The senior space editor at Ars Technica, Eric Berger, has weighed up on the situation with some sensible advice. When faced with MyBookie’s simple yes or no bet, Eric believes one answer is ‘the surest money you’ll ever make’. With odds around 9% or +1000 in American betting odds, it could turn even a small wager into a lucrative opportunity. So, will humans land on Mars by 2024 during Trump’s presidency? Of course we know now that the answer is no, and despite not being a self-proclaimed gambling man, Eric’s answer was completely correct.

So, how can space and roulette be linked? Well, keep reading where we take into consideration mathematical models, wagering being a game of skill or chance, and finding betting odds to your advantage.

Game of Chance vs Game of Skill

Within India, games can be played for money are often separated into two categories. Games of skill are largely considered legal, so long as a large portion of the outcome can be determined to have significant influence through a player’s knowledge or talent. On the other hand, games of chance are considered largely illegal. These games are categorised as a player having little to no influence on the outcome of a game, where ‘luck’ is the largest component of such a game.

So, where does roulette fall?

Roulette is considered as a game of chance. There is absolutely no way a person can influence the results of roulette, unless of course a dealer has tampered with the wheel or ball. There isn’t a way to predict where the ball will fall after the wheel has begun to spin, however, due to the finite outcomes on a roulette wheel, it’s absolutely possible to use a mathematical model to predict the average return on wagers a player has made.

The Mathmatical Model of Roulette

For a single zero roulette table, there are numbers on a roulette wheel from 0-36, meaning from the possibility of 37 different outcomes, successful wagers can be as little as 2.7% for a single number or as high as 48% for eighteen numbers, either black or red, even or odd, high or low.

Winning can be calculated with a rather easy formula as there are either 37 or 38 outcomes for every spin. The difference being whether the roulette wheel has a single or double zero. Of course, with American roulette with the double zero pushes the casino odds in favour of the house by up to just under a double than of European roulette, if the wager was for $10 on both black and red.

Finding The Best Betting Odds

Whether you are betting on the first company to explore Mars or even playing roulette, finding favourable betting odds is always key.

MyBookie gave SpaceX a 75% chance of sending humans to Mars first. Although Blue Origin is the runner up, their odds are much lower at 25%. MyBookie follows the American betting odds style, also known as moneyline. These odds are presented with either a positive or negative sign, which indicates how much a person will need to wager to either win $100 or in some cases the amount a person would win for staking $100.

The odds as written on the website for SpaceX are -300 (a winning $300 wager will mean this is returned plus $100) and for Blue Origin, +400 (a winning $100 wager will be accompanied by $400).

Roulette in India

Roulette is classed as a game of chance in India. Playing roulette physically within the borders of India as a way to gamble is strictly prohibited, unless of course you are visiting one of the legal land-based casinos in Sikkim, Goa, or Daman.

However, there is a way to experience the game by playing online roulette perfectly legally. Sites like help Indian residents to find the best roulette casinos online, where you can even deposit and withdraw in rupees.

In today’s day-and-age, it’s possible to be fully immersed in online roulette without actually going to a casino. There are many casino game software providers developing the technology to allow players taking part in online roulette through live dealer roulette games. With these live online roulette games, players can connect to a live broadcast of a real, profession, and experienced dealer, where you can make bets and watch the dealer spin the ball in real time.

A More Engaging Way to Wager

With all the recent news of the battle to space between the two richest men in the world, everyone wants to get a slice of the action. The hottest new theme for games is space, which is exactly what DraftKings have taken on board with their new game.

DraftKings Rocket Launch is a new development from DraftKings, following the theme of space. Players compete against each other by playing wagers while a rocket rises. The closer the rocket gets to orbit, the higher the multiplier is added to your bet, meaning the winnings rise too. DraftKings Rocket Launch has a slight twist to the game – to win any money, you must exit the rocket last to cash out. This also must be done before the rocket stops rising.